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Small caps have outperformed their large-cap cousins (Morningstar 2005-2019)

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Historically, starting yields are highly correlated with five-year returns (Morningstar 2020)

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Estimated and Actual nominal 12-year nominal total return on 60/30/10 mix (S&P Data 1928-2020)

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Small- Cap Value Has Never Been Cheaper Relatively Speaking (Morningstar Direct 1979-2019)

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The Value Factor: The Long Term Track Record Remains Intact (Morningstar Direct 1927-2017)

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Small-Cap Value Has Been the Best Category Within U.S Stocks Long Term (1952-2020)

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International equities belong in a diversified portfolio (MSCI 1980-2020)

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BCOM (1969-2020)

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Median Value of a Home in the Top 30 Cities (Lending Tree Data)

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Best and Worst Rolling Return Period (Dimensional Fund Advisors 1991-2016)

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